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P1 Cover / Author Notes
P2 Introduction and Legal
P3 Contents, Assembly Notes
P4 Additional Items / Governor & gyro setup 
A01 Fuel tank / Landing Gear
A02 Engine and Clutch
A03 Main / Crown Gears
A04 Main Shaft
A05 Main Frame Step #1
A06 Main Frame Step #2
A07 Main Frame Step #3
A08 Main Frame Step #4
A09 Main Frame Step #5
A10 Cyclic Servo Mounts
A11 Cyclic Bell Cranks
A12 Aileron Servo / Linkage
A13 Pitch / Elevator Servo
A14 Servo Tray / Servos
A15 Throttle Linkage
A16 Tail Linkage
A17 Swashplate
A18 Rotor Head
A19 Main Blade Grips
A20 Head and Swashplate
A21 Rotor Head Install
A22 Tail Gearbox
A23 Tail Grips / Pitch Slider
A24 Tail Drive Assembly
A25 Tail Boom Step #1
A26 Tail Boom Step #2
A27 Tail Boom Install
A28 Tail Blades
A29 Canopy and Blades
A30 Engine Removal