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Check the orientation of the washout arms (120-213). The longer side goes left and the flat side goes towards the washout hub. Also, people report that the longer side hits the anti-rotation guide at certain orientations. Use a dremel or file to remove the end of the arm to the first hole. The pivot ball mounts in the second hole.

The anti-rotation guide spacer (109-357) should be 7mm. Early releases were reversed with the 5mm spacer in the tail assembly (109-355). Swap the one shown with the one on page A25.

The pin clips can be tricky to get on. Here are some suggestions.

A. Drill a small hole into a block of wood. Place the clip over the hole and tap the pin into the clip and through the hole.

B. Take a 3mm washer and glue it to a 2x4 or a hard surface and lay your washout or tail pitch slider on the surface so the clip is lying on the center of washer and the pin sitting over the center hole on the washer. Tap the top of the pin until it goes through the clip.

C. Use a vise to push the clip on the end of the pin. Use a 2.5 mm socket driver over the clip and tap it in the rest of the way.