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5/29/04 - The Xspec flies again. Traced problem to the voltage regulator. Switching to NiCads. The little side screw for the muffler came out and getting it back in was a pain. Working on controlled pirouetting and piroflips. Assembling an ECO-8 for James G.

5/15 - San Diego Fun Fly

5/14/04 - Mt Carmel Science Expo Flight Demo, heligator rides again!

2/2/04 - The hornet returns, put some MA paddles and flybar weights on the R50

1/17/04 - Receiver failure on the Xspec. It fell knife-edge on the muffler and came to rest on the head

12/23/03 - The ESC on the hornet went south and er um gravity took over

12/16/03 - Dorked in the Freya, oops an inverted circuit dumb-thumb

11/11/03 - Replaced the check valve on the ys91, fixed problem of leaning out the last 1/4 of the tank,
returned the hornet for repair, started work on the pilot directory

11/8/03 - Deal of the century! Picked up 24 gallons for CP30 for $8.33 a gallon

11/2/03 - The hornet had an ESC or receiver problem and went in, but I got it inverted!

10/15/03 - Updated field schedule, reduce photo sizes, ys91 returned, Xspec back in the air

10/14/03 - Check plug & fuel lines about flameout, fix starter

8/25/03 - Upped the hornet headspeed, toned down the gyro, my 690 MAH blades arrived

8/23/03 - Bayside Jamboree, photo loads

8/21/03 - Website updates, IRCHA photo loads

8/18/03 - IRCHA was way fun! But the ys91 got toasted. Sending to YS Performance for help.

8/12/03 - The hornet flies again! Packing up for IRCHA. It's gonna be great!

8/7/03 - Got to fly at lunchtime, presented xspec at SBRCM meeting, header tank was loose

8/6/03 - The hornet is almost back together again, more website updates, found a drill bit for hornet canopy

7/31/03 - Making good progress on this new website.
Duh, just found out why throttle hold doesn't work when the governor is engaged. The throttle needs to fall below a certain level before the governor goes off. The throttle hold cheat was on and the hold level was not low enough to disengage the gv1.
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