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   Heli: Hirobo Xspec Hirobo Freya Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Modelsport Hornet
   Engine: YS91 YS61ST2 TT50 Razor RZ-Heli
   Fuel: Morgan CP30 CP30 CP15 Etec 1200mah LiPol
   Gyro: Futaba GY601 GY401 GY401 GY240
   Receiver: JR649S JR649S JR649S Berg5-DSP
   Blades: MAH686 SAB680 SAB600 Wblades2

  My Xspec is the flagship of the fleet with a "big block" ys91 engine, the best 601 gyro, and my first governor, the Futaba GV-1. The handling and power are quite nice, but the large engine does have some vibration issues. The Freya was my first 60 size ship and I've flown it for over a year. Now it's my backup heli. That ys61st2 engine is very reliable and consistent. The Raptor 50 has sentimental value since it was my first real heli. Now it wears many hats (or canopies I should say) as it's the mechanics for the heligator, a night-fly setup, float-flying and another backup heli. The TT50 engine has been running great for nearly 2 years now. The hornet is another recent addition and is great for getting that heli fix in foul weather. Other fleet additions: a scale bell22, electric hoverfly, g2 simulator and a plane.
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